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Milan Conception is an engineering company specialized in the design and manufacturing of industrial machinery. Over the course of the past five years, the company has become an essential leader in the automotive weather-strip industry. Our dedicated team takes the time to properly understand your requirements. Our products are therefore perfectly adapted to your needs.

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Our team works in an environment of continual evolution, focused on operational excellence and continuous improvement. Each of us at Milan Conception is dedicated to achieving the highest standards in our work. To achieve this, we have created a work environment that boosts creativity and rewards teamwork. We know that our stimulating working conditions are uncommon in the industry. Milan Conception understands that innovation is achieved with ideas that are born through dialogue.

Working Conditions

At Milan Conception our mission is to ensure a manageable workload and work-life balance, to promote two-way communication through open office spaces and regular team meetings, to maintain focus on training & development, to recognize hard work, and to acknowledge a strong team spirit.

Innovators Wanted

In Milan’s dynamic work environment, job opportunities arise in a wide range of sectors of activity. Job descriptions change as Milan Conception thrives on the challenges of staying up-to-date. If you are searching for a stimulating job where your ideas can be tested for innovation, Milan Conception is the perfect place for you.

Nice Career Development

At Milan Conception, we have seen the importance of a team of people who decide to grow together. When you join Milan Conception, you become part of a group of people who work hard and who expect hard work to be rewarded.

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Why Join the Milan Conception Team?

    • Benefits
- Career progression plan - Floating leave days - Vacation and holiday policy
- Public transportation nearby - Social activities organized by the company - Paid passport
- Beneficial group insurance plan - Company supplied uniform - Use of latest technologies
- Continuing professional training - Reimbursement of professional dues - Stimulating and enjoyable work environment
- Flexible working hours - Competitive wages - Performance bonuses
    • Technologies
- FeatureCam - Keyence Products4 - Microsoft Office
- Cognex Utilities - Genius - PLC Siemens Products
- SolidWorks - Draftsight64 - Engineering Power Tools


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List Of All Career Oportunities at Milan Conception

  • Administration/Administration +

    Ce département regroupe la comptabilité, l’administration et les ressources humaines. La polyvalence, l’expérience et l’intégrité sont essentiels pour mener à bien ces opérations:

            - Responsable des ressources humaines et de l’administration.

    This department includes accounting, administration and human resources. Versatility, experience and integrity are essential to carrying out these operations:

            - Head of Human Resources and Administration .

  • Conception- Recherche & développement/ Design- Research & Development +

    Notre équipe de concepteurs hautement qualifiée est dynamique et ingénieuse. Ils sont polyvalents et passionnés de tous les types de mécanique. Leur force réside dans la créativité et l’innovation. Ceux-ci créent et optimisent l’offre de produit de Milan Conception:

           - Concepteurs

    Our highly skilled design team is dynamic and resourceful. Versatile and passionate about all types of mechanics, our strength lies in creativity and innovation. Our designers create and optimize the products Milan Conception offers:

           - Designers

  • Opérations/Operations +

    En constante évolution, l’équipe de fabrication cherche des méthodes d’amélioration des processus afin d’augmenter la qualité de nos produits. Plusieurs types de compétences sont recherchés tout au long des étapes de fabrication:

           - Ingénieur de projet

           - Ingénieur en automatisation

           - Technicien en automatisation

           - Monteurs mécanique

           - Soudeurs monteur

           - Programmeur CNC

           - Opérateur CNC

    Constantly evolving, the manufacturing team is always looking for process improvement methods to increase the efficiency of our products. Several types of skills are sought:

           - Project Engineer

           - Automation Engineer

           - Automation Technician

           - Mechanical Assemblers

           - Welders Editor

           - CNC Programmer

           - CNC Operator

  • Ventes et Marketing/ Sales and Marketing +

    Les employés du département des ventes et marketing s’efforcent de créer des liens privilégiés avec nos partenaires d’affaires afin de répondre adéquatement aux besoins de ceux-ci. Notre priorité est la satisfaction de nos clients. Nous offrons un soutient tout au long du processus de vente ainsi qu’un support technique après la vente.

           - Directeur des ventes

           - Représentant des ventes et marketing

    The sales and marketing staff strive to create privileged relationships with our business partners in order to adequately meet their needs. Our priority is the satisfaction of our clients. We provide ongoing assistance and technical support throughout the sales process and after the sale.

           - Sales Manager

           - Sales Representative and Marketing

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