About Milan Conception

Milan Conception is an engineering company specialized in the design and manufacturing of industrial machinery. Over the course of the past five years, the company has become an essential leader in the automotive weather-strip industry. Our dedicated team takes the time to properly understand your requirements. Our products are therefore perfectly adapted to your needs.

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Our Passion for Innovation

Milan Conception’s reputation is directly attributable to the high quality of its employees. Our staff embodies the values of Milan Conception. We work in an environment that stimulates creativity, learning and growth.

Management Team

image_Steeve Michaud

Steeve Michaud

President of Milan Conception

Steeve is the President and co-founder of Milan Conception. His leadership and his 20 years in the industry of automotive rubber make him a model to follow for the team at Milan Conception. Steeve is responsible for leading the company's daily operations and establishing business strategy that will drive the company’s growth.

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image_Benoit Langlois

Benoit Langlois

General Manager

Benoit is General Manager and co-founder of Milan Conception. He too has 20 years in the rubber industry, making him a strong leader of the team.

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image_Cyriaque Eyquem

Cyriaque Eyquem

Sales Engineer

Cyriaque is a sales engineer with more than 20 years of experience. Since Cyriaque joined Milan Conception, our business has experienced exponential growth.

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image_Josee_Deshaies Josée Deshaies

Josée Deshaies

Human Ressources/ General Administration
image_Daniel Boucher Daniel Boucher

Daniel Boucher

Automation engineer
image_François Desrosiers François Desrosiers

François Desrosiers

Project Engineer
image_François Cayer François Cayer

François Cayer


Design And Operation

image Camilo Andres Leal Laverde

Camilo Andres Leal Laverde

Mechanical Designer
image Mathieu Houle

Mathieu Houle

Mechanical Fitter
image Michael Morin

Michael Morin

Mechanical Fitter
image Christian Glaude

Christian Glaude

Welder Fitter
image Francis Roy

Francis Roy

Mechanical Designer
image Peter Adamski

Peter Adamski

Mechanical Designer
image Charles Rancourt

Charles Rancourt

Mechanical Fitter
image Michael Turmel

Michael Turmel

Mechanical engineering technicians specialise in CNC
image Benjamin Langlois

Benjamin Langlois

Mechanical Fitter

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